Angus Paul Wines looks to identify that which makes South Africa unique; combining its old rocks, atavistic gees and quasi-indigenous varietals to produce wines that could only come from the windy Cape. Chenin Blanc, Cinsault and Pinotage take the lead roles in the winery – along with a small but genuine supporting cast of other grapes – where they are left untampered to bear the transcription of the sunshine, soil and soul of the Western Cape.

Angus Paul Wines Mesas Pinotage 2023

100% Pinotage

Bright red fruits, sweet gum drops and mild spice from the grape stems. The palate is pure bouncy, juiciness; light of body, fresh and delectable.... read more...

Angus Paul Wines On A Flight Of Furious Fancies Chenin Blanc 2022

100% Chenin Blanc

This single vintage Chenin Blanc is open in body and tight in texture: kelp, citrus creams and apples jump forth. The palate is equally tight, but... read more...

Angus Paul Wines Transient Lands Pinotage 2022

100% Pinotage

This Pinotage shows fruit abundance and generosity. The nose is loaded with waves of red and black berries, dark cherries and star anise. The palate... read more...