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This Cinsault rosé, grown on coastal vineyards, is as simple and unadulterated a Cinsault as we could imagine. Luscious berry aromas lead to a velvet-soft texture and a smooth finish. This wine is here to remind us that the best things in life are simple and easy to understand.

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  • South Africa    Coastal Region
  • 100%
  • Alcohol
  • Certified sustainable
  • Natural wine
  • Oak
      No oak contact
  • Production
      700 cases
  • Vegan

Simple wine co. was founded by a group of South African growers who love nature and viticulture. We came up with a maybe-radical idea: to make wine that expresses joy in simple pleasures.

What if we made a wine that was for everyone? What if we made a wine that was as comfortable alongside a burger as a steak au poivre? What kind of wine would this be? How would we explain the pure, unadulterated simplicity of this wine in a way that was universally accessible? Simply Cinsault Rosé is the result of our soul-searching.