Driving through the Provençal coastline, it is easy to become enthralled with the beautiful scenery and question whether your evaluation of the wines might benefit unduly from their scenic introduction.

Fortunately for Domaine Maubernard, the scenery is only there to whet your appetite; the wines stand apart. This tiny Bandol producer is the project of the Vidal family, who have owned the estate since the 1830s and who espouse a genuine joie de vivre and appreciation for the fruits of their labour. The wines are pure, focused, and connect directly with the Mediterranean terroir where they are grown.

  • Location   St. Cyr sur Mer, Provence, southern France
  • Origin   Bandol
  • Owner   Michel Vidal
  • Size of estate   10 hectares

Domaine Maubernard Rosé 2015

  • 38% Mourvèdre
  • 32% Grenache
  • 27% Cinsault
  • 2% Clairette
  • 1% Ugni Blanc

This is classic Bandol: a brilliant, light colour evokes strawberries with a hint of orange peel. The aroma is subtle with floral and mineral notes.... read more...

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