Jack Marsh

Jack Marsh is the founding partner of Canopy Wine Selections. Jack founded Canopy during his travels to South Africa in 2010. While there, he discovered South African wines and decided to start a company to bring wines of uncommon elegance and respect for terroir to the United States. Jack is also the Artistic Director of Circus Flora and an avid frisbee player.

Kristopher Tillery

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Kristopher Tillery is a partner at Canopy Wine Selections. Kristopher and Jack have been friends since attending university together. Kristopher works to source and produce wines that fit with Canopy's ethos and to ensure that the company grows in a healthy, sustainable way.

Ryan Miller

Ryan Miller joined Canopy Wine Selections as the National Sales Manager. Ryan brings extensive experience in distribution and sales management to the team, and is responsible for providing service to the company's distributors throughout the United States. Ryan is based in North Carolina and is an avid musician.

Tiffany Babilonia

Tiffany Babilonia represents Canopy Wine Selections products in New York. She has extensive experience in restaurant wine lists and hospitality.