Wholesale wine clearing prices

Canopy pricing is simple and straightforward. We charge a flat per-case fee for clearing, delivery, storage, and other services. There is no monthly minimum charge for using Canopy so you only pay for what you use. You will receive a detailed reconciliation detailing your sales, charges, and the amount payable to you at the end of each month.

Clearing fee
Includes order processing, administrative support, and use of software platform
$ 4.50 per case
Ocean freight, customs, & import
Includes origin charges, ocean freight, destination charges, customs clearance, duty, taxes, and domestic freight
Charged at cost, approx. $ 16.95 per case from France
Charged at cost, approx. $ 15.95 per case from South Africa
Other origins upon request
Delivery to retailers and restaurants
Outlying areas additional
$ 5.49 per case to greater New York ($ 24.75 minimum per order)
$ 5.49 per case to greater New Jersey ($ 24.75 minimum per order)
$ 4.70 per case to Connecticut ($ 32.90 minimum per order)
$ 9.25 per case to greater Los Angeles
$ 14.95 per case to greater San Francisco
Domestic freight
$ 6.95 per case for transfer between East and West Coast warehouses ($ 139.00 minimum per transfer)
$ 3.25 per case from East Coast warehouse to Connecticut
$ 1.95 per case from California wineries to West Coast warehouse
$ 10.00 per case from California wineries to East Coast warehouse ($ 200.00 minimum per shipment)
Other origins upon request
$ 0.70 per case per month or part thereof ($7.70 minimum per item)
Warehouse charge
$ 0.70 per case ($7.70 minimum per item)
Excise tax
$ 0.72 per gallon in New Jersey
$ 0.875 per gallon in New Jersey
$ 0.30 per gallon in New York
$ 0.20 per gallon still wine in California
$ 0.30 per gallon sparkling wine in California
Other states as per statute
Brand registration
$ 200 per wine in Connecticut (valid three years)
$ 23 per wine in New Jersey (annually)
Other states as per statute

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